About Us

     NNVDA is a referral network of service providers to connect individuals with disabilities /health conditions within Northern Nevada area. 


Disclaimer : Northern NV Disability Access is operating under the umbrella of the Family Support Council , a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity established in 1982.  Under the terms of the partnership, NNVDA are authorized to seek out donations for their operation of their project.  Once a grant is provided, the funds will be placed into a private account for use for NNVDA.  The donor will be able to claim a charitable deduction according to their tax situation.  
       Northern Nevada Disability Access is unique site compared to others because of the interactive features. Plus, its user-friendly and easy to navigate. Tell your friends and family about NNVDA. Visit the interactive features on our site. Here are just a few selections:
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  • And most of all, visit our resource directory in Northern Nevada for people with disabilities and health related conditions.
  • Seniors and veterans are welcome to find resources.

our motto “WE LOVE OUR COMMUNITY!! “