Northern Nevada RAVE Family Foundation

Respite and Volunteer Experiences of Northern Nevada (RAVE) provides respite care for families to children with developmental disabilities. Child ages range from 3 months to 6 years old. 

Before any family starts the respite, they must register.  Once approved, the families can schedule a tour of the center.  During the registration process, the staff will go over all the details about their center.  They offer several programs: Respite Voucher, Teen RAVE and Jr RAVE, and a Family Center.

The director carefully trains and screens the caregivers, mostly teenagers who are responsible, CPR trained, and receives careful hands on experiences to prepare them for future employment with special needs children. 

RAVE is a non profit organization. They started in 1995. We are not sure of the story of how they started, but you should contact the center for details.  RAVE announces their yearly fundraiser to help support this amazing program. However, funding usually comes from private donations and grants from the community to keep the centers’s doors open. 

To register for their services contact Northern Nevada RAVE


Consumer Direct Nevada

When you think of medical self directed support who would you turn to in Northern Nevada? Consumer Direct Nevada is supported by Medicaid, workers’ compensation insurance, private insurance, veteran’s benefits, or out-of-pocket payments.

I had the opportunity to meet the director of Consumer Direct Nevada, Laura Coger. Laura retired as of February 2016. Now, Eva Medina maintains her title as Regional Coordinator. She oversees the entire agency.

Visit to read more about their services.

Northern Nevada Center For Independent Living

The Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living started in 1982 composed of several disabled individuals who wanted to help others without the stigma of their disabilities. 

The Center for Independent Living is located in Sparks, Nevada. When you drive into the parking lot, there are several parking spaces designed for handicapped.  Be sure to look out for occasional RTC Access buses who drop off clients on a daily basis.  An accessible ramp for wheelchair or scooter bound individuals.  Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living (NNCIL) has operated since 1995.

When you first walk into the center you are greeted by a receptionist who will assist you.  

Here is just a basic list of services :

  • Telecommunications Equipment distribution program,
  • Independence through Employment,
  • Technology aids training
  • Transportation training
  • Educational peer groups
  • Classes on braille basics
  • Cooking classes – New
  • Money management
  • life skills – New
  • Vision impairment program
  • Rural outreach
  • minor home modification
  • and many more programs coming soon.

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Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs

Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs was created for any individual wheelchair bound to experience antelope hunting. 

Chad Bliss, injured his spinal cord in a motorcycle accident and later became an amputee.  His passion for hunting kept his mind motivated to get back to what he loved best, Antelope hunting.  

Chad Bliss started Nevada Outdoorsmen in Nevada located in Elko, Nevada in 2008. Now, they have an amazing collection of board members all inspired to help individuals live out their dream to be hunters without the challenges of being held back by their disabilities. 

Matt Murray, the current president, shared his experiences.  Matt explained how they provide an exciting five (5) day long Antelope hunting event for selected wheelchair-bound individuals.  The selected person must complete their hunter’s education and license to participate.   Once their application is complete,  they schedule the 5 day excersion based on availably and funding. 

Each participant is accommodated at a disclosed ranch to spend a relaxing day of fishing in between the hunting sessions. Hunters enjoy hunting, camping, fishing, and other educational activities.

Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs purchases equipment, tags and supplies to provide the most memorable event for the individual 5 day hunting experience.  You can donate toward their program for future expenditures.  

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Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy

Laurie Roberts, co-founder and Bambi Spahr, co founder of N.E.A.T (Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy).   NEAT is an equine (horse) therapy center for children, teens, adults with mental and emotional disorders, ADHD, and autism spectrum clientele. They recently implemented a senior program. They also offer group sessions. 

NEAT is a Medicaid based program. Like most services,  an intake appointment is required for eligibility requirements.  Laurie and Bambi care for their horses and have hired caretakers to assist in their care.  They are dedicated to providing excellent equine therapy to all of their clients.  

In early September they moved to the UNR Equestrian Center on Valley Road.  The ‘ranch’ offered a clubhouse, tack room, feed room, and several arenas for the therapy horses and clients to work.  NEAT is now located in Washoe Valley, Nevada just 30 minutes from Reno. 

Since my son has been a client of NEAT,  he started from being shy and withdrawn to now an expressive and helpful.  He is still learning how to adjust his behaviors when he’s having a rough day.  

Thanks to N.E.A.T. this provider inspired my son to develop new skills, gained confidence, and most of all be respectful of others.  

Visit the website Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy.  Make an appointment to see the center for your child’s equine therapy. You won’t be disappointed.