Treasured Moments with NNVDA is an exclusive interview with service providers, advocates, caregivers and professionals in the Northern Nevada community. Up to 2 guests of the same provider are welcome to participate.

Be a guest on our Treasured Moments with NNVDA? 

  • There is no cost or fee.  Your time is valuable.
  • Our goal is to inform, educate, and inspire the community of Northern Nevada to learn about your services as a community provider.
  • In the past we have conducted 20 minute interviews. We recently changed our format to 10 minutes. This includes a brief introduction, a summary of your services, and an inspirational quote.
Additional guidelines:
  • Upon request, we can travel to your office/service provider location.
  • After you have confirmed your availability, you will receive an email notification of your appointment.
  • Save your email notification email for communicate with us for cancellations/reschedules
  • Watch past Treasured Moment TM Interviews.