Treasured Moments with NNVDA is a weekly discussion with service providers,  advocates, caregivers and professionals in the community?

Here are the following guidelines:

  • You must have the following:  computer/laptop, webcam, microphone or headset with attached mic, and reliable internet
  • We normally conduct our interviews via YouTube Live.
  • Upon request, we can arrange to meet at a preferred location (your office, coffeeshop, library or participating venue offering internet access).
  • Click the ‘schedule an interview’ button (below),
  • Once you schedule, you will receive a 5 question document to review prior to the date.
  • On the day of interview, (approximately 5-10 minutes),   you will receive an email which includes a link directing you to the YouTube Live platform.
  • When you have successfully connected, we will do a quick sound check. Then begin broadcasting the interview.
  • After the interview is completed. the video will be uploaded to our YouTube channel once it has been successfully edited for content, annotations, and introductions.