Misson | Goals

Northern NV Disability Access is operating under the umbrella of the Family Support Council of Douglas County, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity established in 1982.  Under the terms of the partnership, NNVDA is authorized to seek out donations, which will be placed into a fund for use by NNVDA, and the donor will be able to claim a charitable deduction according to their tax situation.


The mission of NNVDA is to provide a referral network connecting  disabled, seniors and veterans to service providers within Northern Nevada.  

NNVDA continues informing, educating, and promoting to the Northern Nevada community about resources and the prospective service providers. Northern Nevada has become the hub for new welcoming families. NNVDA wants to create a template for diverse communities throughout the country to utilize our system.

The long-term goal is to become non profit organization.

The mission of NNVDA is to provide a referral network for disabled, seniors, and veterans to connect to service providers within Northern Nevada. 
Promote service providers on our resource directory
Endorsing service providers, special events, newsworthy information on our social media platforms.
Participate in vendor fairs, outreach events, and venues to promote the service providers
Weekly maintenance of our website,
Inputting data into the resource directory,
Scheduling and conducting Treasured Moments interviews.